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O.V. Speaks in the Media

O.V. and her quilts have been covered extensively in the media.

More About O.V.'s
Quilt Journey

My Story

Since 1999 when I taught myself to quilt, I have made over 300 quilts. I have dabbled in all techniques, always learning, always growing. Through it all, one thing has been constant. My quilts include an inspirational message that will encourage you to live a life of abundance with joy and gratitude. 

Hopefully, my quilts will also make you smile. They make me smile. Making quilts always puts me in my happy place. Having spent my professional life in a high profile legal position, Lord knows there were many days when I needed something to make me smile.

Made to last for future generations, my quilts are expertly crafted with the finest materials. Each one is one-of-a-kind.

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