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A Day in Trilith

Quilt delivery at Dogwood Studios

Dropping off a quilt for a future exhibit gave me the opportunity to explore Trilith. Trilith describes itself as a “place where makers live, create and inspire the world.”

The heart of Trilith is Trilith Studios where many television shows and movies are made, but the community features small shops and lots of restaurants. Discovering an independent book store made me want to live there.

Scholar and Scribe book store

Speaking of restaurants, it was ENZO restaurant that inspired me to visit Trilith. It is located in Trilith and will host an art exhibit that my quilt Be Confidently Daring is part of. The exhibit opens May 7th and continues for four months. All of the art is for sale.

Visit Trilith, eat at Enzo and enjoy my quilt and the rest of the art. Here’s to inspiring the world!

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