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A Star Among Stars Takes Center Stage

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

A Star Among Stars takes center stage at the International Quilt Festival.

I don't often post about my quilt A Star Among Stars because in my mind she is imperfect and I still blame her for stressing me out. However, whatever evil thoughts I may have about this quilt did not come through because the audience at the International quilt Festival in Houston loved her! She was hands down the favorite quilt in the 47 quilt exhibit.

During my Gallery Talks, I explained that A Star Among Stars was my very first English Paper Pieced quilt. She has approximately 3000 pieces and took me almost 3 years to complete. She tested my discipline to the core. Many days I wanted to put her in the trash. But I am not a quitter so here she is.

I used paper templates and glue which can be found on Amazon. Some people prefer plastic templates to create the shapes and baste with thread instead of gluing. Either way, it is a slow process, but it travels well.

I honestly think her large size and the angels won the viewers over. Whatever made them love her, she is truly now a super star. I forgive her for all the trauma she caused me.😂

A Star Among Stars, 78 X 89 inch red and white English Paper Pieced quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2020. Machine quilted by Maxine Moore.

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