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Atlanta Album (This Ain’t Baltimore)

Atlanta Album (This Ain’t Baltimore), 74 X 94 inch applique quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2004. Pattern by Sue Nickels. Machine quilted by Ina Sanders. NFS.

I fell in love with appliqué early in my quilting career. Atlanta Album (This Ain't Baltimore) is not only one of my early appliqué quilts, it also marks the beginning of my use of African fabrics. I think the pattern is by Sue Nickels, but I wasn't keeping detailed records about my quilts 20 years ago. At any rate I loved the pattern, but I think my version is especially interesting because of the African fabrics I chose for some of the vases.

For the uninitiated, Baltimore Album quilts are a genre of quilts recognizable by intricately appliqued quilt blocks of flora, fauna, and other pictorial images. Each block has a different design. Generally, a quilter must be quite an accomplished quilter to complete a Baltimore Album quilt. Although my quilt makes me think of Baltimore Album quilts, I chose the title to show pride in my "not a Baltimore Album, but nonetheless beautiful" quilt created in Atlanta.

Detail of Atlanta Album (This Ain’t Baltimore)

Although Atlanta Album (This Ain't Baltimore) doesn't get out much, when she does, she goes big. She is included in the book Georgia Quilts: Piecing Together a History. The book is still available on Amazon.

Recently she was shown live on Facebook as The Quilt Show host Alex Anderson shared an interview I did with The Quilt Show during the International Quilt Festival. Check out the interview here.

It's hard to believe it has been 20 years since I made Atlanta Album (This Ain't Baltimore). She is aging well like a fine wine. (By the way, the quilt in The Quilt Show flyer is I Believe in Wine Angels.

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