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Day Trip to San Juan

Day Trip to San Juan, 60x70 inch memory quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2015.

Have you been wondering if I have a quilt on my new screened porch? So far only one quilt has found a temporary home on my porch. It is Day Trip To San Juan.

Day Trip To San Juan on my new screened porch

Day Trip To San Juan made the porch cut primarily because of her colors. The colors blend perfectly with the green nature inspired color scheme. When I made it, I was trying to capture the beautiful foliage of Old San Juan. However, if anybody takes a peak at the back of Day Trip To San Juan they would find a brown African print. I could actually flip the quilt over and it would still look great on the porch.

Detail of the back of Day Trip To San Juan

The quilt gets its name from the fact that Daughter India and I only had one day to spend in San Juan before boarding our cruise ship and sailing away to more faraway places. We made the most of it though And it was a very memorable day.

Our Old San Juan selfie

I like the idea of including one of my travel quilts on the porch because I spend a lot of time dreaming of faraway places on my porch. I ask myself everyday, “Where to next?”

India in Old San Juan
Beautiful sculpture in Old San Juan

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