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Football Saturday in the Big House

The boyfriend decided that I should not live another day without seeing the Michigan vs. Ohio State game in person. He is a graduate of Michigan Law and a professor at the law school. (Although I love football, I am perfectly happy watching it on tv in the warmth and comfort of my home).

However, with both schools undefeated, fierce rivals, and hoping to earn a spot in the playoffs, the game was the center of the football world, so off I went to Ann Arbor, Michigan to watch a football game in 30 degree temperatures with 110,000 rabid football fans.

We started early by attending the President's Tailgate. The food was good, and the speakers were inspirational, so we were fired up by the time we got to the stadium. (The President's Tailgate was inside where it was warm and toasty).

I have to admit that the football stadium is a site to behold, and I enjoyed the bands at half time, but I was grateful that we were able to watch the second half in the comfort of a box suite. By then, I was frozen!

The home team won. Michigan fans stormed the field and celebrated all night. It was a good day for the Wolverines.

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