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Friendship Stars in My Solo Red and White Quilt Exhbit

Someone once said, “if you see a turtle on a fence post, you know it did not get there by itself.” That is the way I feel about my life. So even though Long Time Coming: A Retrospective of O.V. Brantley's Red and White Quilts is a “solo” exhibit, I wanted to honor my closest friends with a personalized friendship star quilt in the ceiling.

To me they are right up there with my angels, always stepping up to help me with all my crazy ideas.  They are Aleathia Chisolm, Brenda Shelby, Connie Marshall, Debbie Floyd, Gwen Maggitt, Jackie Jackson-Harvey, Janice Daniel, Judy Ivey, June Green, Marva Swanson, Mary Maynard, Mary Lou Mojonnier, Maxine Moore, Melinda Rushing, Michelle Willis, Nina Moore, Peggy Martin, Rosalind Newell, Sherryl Williams, and Vickie Lord.


Thank you Maxine Moore for doing the embroidery and the machine quilting. Thank you Eric Kleeman for climbing into the ceiling for me to install the quilts.

 Check out the stars when you visit my exhibit.

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