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GIFTED! Quilts in My “Kissed By An Elephant” Series

Kissed by an Elephant #8 gifted to Connie Marshall.

My “Kissed By an Elephant” series was created as a metaphor for unspeakable joy. We love elephants in my family because they are strong, gentle, brilliant and all about family. I believe to be kissed by an elephant shares all those wonderful qualities.

Bali, 2017.
Kissed by an Elephant #9 gifted to Rosalind Newell

With that in mind, I decided to gift my closest friends who are referred to as India’s ‘Other Mommies” with a quilt from my “Kissed By an Elephant” series at Baby Addison’s shower. They have been my village for as long as daughter India has been alive.

Kissed by an Elephant #2 gifted to Judy Ivey.

We raised India as a baby elephant who is strong, gentle, brilliant and loving. I am grateful.

Kissed by an Elephant #1 gifted to Sherryl Williams.

Now we are putting our boots back on ready to raise the new baby elephant on the way. Baby Addison will be strong, gentle, brilliant and loving because the “Other Mommies” are ready. Let’s go!

Kissed by an Elephant #6 gifted to June Green
From left to right: Sherryl Williams, Rosalind Newell, India Brantley Kleeman, O.V. Brantley, June Green and Judy Ivey. Connie Marshall not shown.


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