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My Long Time Coming Exhibit Shipped to Houston

This week I shipped 47 red and white quilts to the International Quilt Festival office in Houston via UPS. It took me forever to decide how to pack them, but ultimately I decided to fold the wall quilts and place them in 4 plastic bags with 5 quilts in each bag. I packed the 27 ceiling quilts flat since they are small and enclosed them in a plastic bag.

The UPS attendant was able to pack all the wall quilts in one very large box, and he packed the ceiling quilts in a smaller box. The total cost of the shipping was $264 which was actually less than I expected.

I won't be able to relax until my quilts are safely in Houston. I can't wait to see them hanging in the George R. Brown Convention Center November 1-5 for the world to see. #meetovinhouston


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