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Quilt Cruise Top #2 is Finished

During the Stitchin Heaven quilt cruise, we had the opportunity to work on two different quilts. They are both beautiful in their own way, and I love commemorating my travel with a memory quilt.

The top of Quilt #2 which I named Stars Over the Allure of the Seas is finished. Once it is quilted, it wil become part of my travel memory quilt collection.

Marilyn Foreman of Quilt Moments is the creator of the pattern named Changing Ways. The beauty of the pattern is that once the blocks are made, by simply rotating the blocks, you get a completely different quilt. I liked the layout that produced a star pattern.

My travel mates Rosalind, my BFF and India, my daughter.

We sailed the western Caribbean on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas. We had a fabulous time.

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