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Quilt Travel! Cradle of the Civil Rights Movement

India and were on the road again last week, this time to Montgomery, Alabama, the cradle of the Civil rights Movement. We traveled there to install Atlanta Quilt Festival's Good Trouble Quilts — Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Congressman John Lewis exhibit. The exhibit is housed at the Civil Rights Memorial Center and will be part of the wonderful lineup of things to do in Montgomery during Jubilee Weekend. Today's Jubilee activities include the solidarity march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Congressman John Lewis was beaten by law enforcement officials on the march from Selma to Alabama. That day is called Bloody Sunday.

My John Lewis quilt “He Inspires Us With His Words and Deeds” in the background.

We always add a little spice to our road trips so after we finished our official business of installing the John Lewis exhibit, we visited the “Mothers of Gynecology” monument by Michelle Browder.

According to the web site, "The "Mothers of Gynecology” monument honors the sacrifice of Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsey, the enslaved experimental subjects of the so-called “father of gynecology,” J. Marion Sims."

Pictures do not do the sculpture justice. You really need to see it in person.

Holding a quilt by Joyce Little-Hill

The John Lewis exhibit will be at the Civil Rights Memorial Center until April 27th. Please visit the exhibit if you are in Montgomery. If you are not in Montgomery, visit the Atlanta Quilt Festival web site to see all of the quilts.

Eric, my son-in-law, was on the trip too because he has to do all the work.😂

Dinner was at Texas Roadhouse. We couldn't believe that we had never eaten there! Great steaks and margaritas.🥩🍹🍻 Our gas stop was at Buc-ees which is in a class by itself when it comes to gas stations. It's huge with lots of food -- especially barbecue.

Rest stop at Buc-ees.

Another great road trip in the books!!

P.S. This was the second road trip for Baby Addison. Although I did not know it at the time, she was with us at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. She will have a lot to share when she arrives in July.❤️


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