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A Day in My Studio

Recently I had an epic day in my studio! Every day in my studio is different. Some days it takes me a very long time to do one thing. Other days I reach the finish line on something I have worked on for a very long time. And then there are days when progress is made on 3 or 4 projects. I call that an epic day.


I made great progress on my new angel series. I have 6 of them on the drawing board. I love being surrounded by angels and it is fun to think about each angel with her own personality and angel duty.

Whispers From My Angels

I have been working on an 8-quilt series of angel quilts named Whispers From My Angels. I finished hand quilting #5 and sewed the binding on. After a few embellishments, it will be ready to be listed in my web site store and my Etsy store.

A new red and white quilt

I am committed to adding to my red and white quilt collection as often as possible. I made great progress on a simple red and white quilt named Reimagine Success. It is a simple quilt made totally from triangles, but it makes a striking wallhanging with the right fabrics. My red and white fabric collection is quite deep since I have been collecting reds for many years. Adding African reds to the mix adds just the right touch of spice.

So like I said. EPIC!

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