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Artwork Archive Manages My Quilt Business

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

January is the month when everyone vows to get organized. I made no such resolution because I have been using Artwork Archive software for years to keep my quilt business organized.

I have made over 300 quilts. I sell them. I exhibit them. I gift them. I loan them. I donate them, and of course I keep my heirloom collection for myself. Artwork Archive allows me to know exactly where every quilt I have ever made is located. I also have all the vital statistics at my fingertips — dimensions, description, price, etc.

Artwork Archive is also a markleting tool as each of my quilts has a public profile page. It also helps me to keep up with the business aspecgts of quilting by providing a place to record sales and expenses. Many reports are available, but my favorite is the Certificate of Authenticity that can be printed for each of my quilts.

For me this software is priceless, but I pay only $14 per month. I recommend it highly if you want to get your quilt business organized.

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