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Celebrating Leadership on MLK Day!

Follow Me to Freedom, 64 X85 inch red and white Underground Railroad Quilt by O.V. Brantley 2022. Machine quilted by Maxine Moore. Photo by Ron Witherspoon. Not for sale.

On MLK Day I spend time reflecting on leadership and taking time to be grateful for those leaders we celebrate because of their courage and commitment. I remind myself that progress is like a relay race. Harriet Tubman passed the baton to Martin Luther King Jr. So today we say “Happy Birthday, Martin! We are grateful you accepted the baton.”

Today we celebrate. Tomorrow we continue the struggle.

My quilt Follow Me To Freedom was part of my exhibit Long Time Coming: A Retrospective of O.V. Brantley’s Red and White Quilts. I am slowly listing some of my red and white quilts for sale and busy making new ones. I am hopeful other galleries will want to book my exhibit. Reach out to me if interested. Meanwhile, if you did not see the exhibit, all of the quilts are on my web site under the Gallery tab at ❤️❣️👩🏾‍🎨🖼🙏🏾

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