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Hello Summer!

A Southern Summer Day, 66 X 82 inch row by row quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2008. NFS.

It’s official! Summer is here. For us in Atlanta, it is somewhat anti-climatic because we have warm weather a large part of the year. However, it does give me a reason to share some of my heirloom summer quilts like A Southern Summer Day.

One of the ways I practiced my quilting skills in the early days of my quilting was to participate in block of the month programs sponsored by local quilt shops. I found block of the month programs to be an excellent way to learn without getting overwhelmed. The way they work is that you make one block per month with the pattern and fabric chosen by the quilt shop. At the end of the program, usually a year, you have all the blocks you need for a large quilt. Although A Southern Summer Day is technically a row by row quilt, the concept is the same — one row per month.

Happy Summer! I hope you enjoy A Southern Summer Day.

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