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Learning at the International Quilt Festival

Quilt teacher Karen Fisher with her collage quilt that celebrates her home state of Arizona.

I managed to squeeze in two classes during my time at the International Quilt Festival. They were both half day classes.

Telling Your Story Through Collage was taught by Karen Fisher. The class was on point for what I try to do with my quilts. Most artists are influenced by their background, culture and other life experiences, and my quilts are no different. However, the collage class taught us how to basically put your life story (or whatever your topics happened to be) in one quilt. I learned some interesting techniques, and I look forward to making some collage quilts.

A personal collage quilt by Karen Fisher used as a class sample.

Fearless Free Motion Quilting was taught by Cindy Zacheis. All quilters have parts of the quilting process that they either love or hate. I hate free motion quilting, probably because I am not good at it. I enjoy the creative process of making the quilt top.

One of my class samples from my Fearless Free Motion quilting class

I enjoyed the class, but I must admit, I did not leave feeling like I wanted to jump on my machine and start free motion quilting. The class did give me the opportunity to sew on a new Bernina, but I came away still loving my Janome and my Pfaff.

My “desk” in my Fearless Free Motion quilting class equipped with a brand new Bernina which retails for over $6000.

Sometimes learning something new can open creative doors. Other times it affirms that you just are not interested in spending your precious time doing a certain thing. The important thing is to keep learning. #onlyovsoctober

Another sample from my Fearless Free Motion quilting class — another way to make my quilts speak.

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