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Read a Book Today

Fulton County Attorney Law Library, 102 X 86 inch library memory quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2005. Machine quilted by Sylvia Davis. NFS.

We are still having what I call “read a book weather”. It’s too cold to go out frolicking so you might as well curl up with a book.

Detail of Fulton County Attorney LawLibrary

My first library/book shelf quilt was Fulton County Attorney Law Library. While I think it is a beautiful library quilt, it is also a memory quilt. During my tenure as the Fulton County Attorney, I asked each staff member to give me the title of the book they would write if they decided to write a book. They had no idea why I was asking until they saw the finished quilt. My book is “Political Patchwork”. I allowed my daughter India to include a book title which was “Aliens and Dogs.”

This quilt hung in the law library of the Fulton County Attorney's office for many years. Of course there is a label on the back that identifies the would-be authors. If your name is on the label, I would love for your to drop a comment.

Fulton County Attorney Law Library label

Fulton County Attorney Law Library is part of my personal heirloom collection and not for sale. I am proud that it is part of the book Georgia Quilts: Piecing Together a History, available on Amazon.

My personal library

Why not read a book today, including the banned ones? I have a list of books by African American authors on my Amazon storefront if you need inspiration.


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