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Red and White Quilts Delivered to the Venue

I spent this week taking 20 years of red and white quilts out of storage. I caressed them and reminisced about why I made them.

I gave them a spritz of my fiber spray “Quietly Quilting” created by Page Turning Products (@pageturningproducts) so they would show up looking good and spelling good.

Quilts stretched flat on my dining room table getting the folds out and ready to be spritzed with my “Quietly Quilting” fiber spray.

I loaded them in my car and delivered them to the caring and capable hands of Tisha Smith (@artyoubetter) who will curate the exhibit. My quilts will take center stage at the Emma Darnell Aviation Museum and Conference Center, 3900 Aviation Circle, Atlanta at the opening reception 11/19/22 from 3 - 6 p.m.

Quilts delivered to the Emma Darnell Aviation Museum and Conference Center and received by TIsha Smith

I am so excited to be able to share my quilts. I hope you can join me and share my joy. ❤️❣️


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