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Speaking Quilts and Playing Lawyer at the City of Atlanta

My quilt Choose to Bloom illustrates the importance of making good choices.

Recently, I shared my thoughts in a Continuing Legal Education presentation to the City of Atlanta Attorney’s Office. I spent my early legal career in the City Attorney’s Office so it was like a family reunion.

Rosalind Newell and I together again at City Hall.⚖️

My BFF Rosalind Newell, who is also a lawyer and a quilter, was on the program discussing municipal finance.

My quilt “From Africa to Atlanta by Way of Arkansas” illustrates the importance of authenticity.

I used my quilts to illustrate the points in my work/life balance presentation entitled “Win With Your Best Self©.” Several of the quilts were memory quilts I made while serving as the Fulton County Attorney and the DeKalb County Attorney.

Everyone loved the quilts! Thank you City Attorney Nina Hickson for the invitation.🙏🏾

Colored Girl Lawyer Rocks, 56 X 68 inch red and white quilt by O.V. Brantley. 2022. NFS.

Here are the quilts that were the stars of the show.


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