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Peaceful Porch Patchwork #1

Peaceful Porch Patchwork #1

I love the peacefulness of taupe quilts so much that I decided to create a series of taupe quilts. Each quilt is pieced in an improvisationally style to represent freedom from perfection. Each quilt is lovingly quilted by hand to represent the peace I find in hand quilting.

Peaceful Porch Patchwork #1, the first quilt in the series, is created from bits and pieces from other quilts. It measures 30 X 40 inches. After quilting in the ditch with YLI thread to stabilize the quilt, I used Perle cotton thread to add big stitches to the quilt. I call the random stitching at the bottom of the quilt chicken scratch. The thickness of Perle cotton adds texture to the quilt. I added painted wooden buttons to add more texture and dimension to the quilt

The back of the quilt is also a taupe fabric -- just something I happen to have on hand. It turned out to be fish! There is a hanging sleeve on the back for easy display and a label that documents the quilt. I signed it on the front and added a peace charm.

It has been too cold to quilt on the porch so Peaceful Porch Patchwork was quilted in my rocking chair in my bedroom as I wind down each day.

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