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Whispers From My Angels #3

Whispers From My Angels #3

I float through life knowing that my personal better angels are looking after me. They make me show up and be my best self. That is what inspired this series of 8 quilts I named “Whispers From My Angels.”

“Whispers From My Angels #3” is a mini quilt that measures only 20 x 21 inches. The “angel words” say “Like a Butterfly I ‘m growing and changing,” It’s a good reminder that change is good.

The center of the quilt is a panel with the words surrounded by somewhat muted flowers and butterflies. The name of the panel fabric is “Sing Your Song.” I framed the panel in a gray print and ended the quilt with a bright green solid border and a bright green African print that adds boldness to the subtle panel.

I hand quilted “Whispers From My Angels #3” and bound it in a scrappy border of two different prints. I used what I call the chicken scratch stitch in the green borders. The stitch is a random big stitch done with Perle cotton.

I embellished the quilt with the word angel in black sequins and added an angel charm near my signature. The charm is engraved with the words “Angels watching over me”. I brought the subtle flowers to life by adding buttons, and I made the butterflies light up the sky by adding crystals to their wings.

Of course there is angel fabric on the back to carry out the theme of the quilt. There is a hanging sleeve for easy display and a label that documents the quilt.

I signed it on the front. This quilt is one of a kind

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