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Winter Wonderland Wanderlust

Winter Wonderland Wanderlust

“Winter Wonderland Wanderlust” is a new addition to my collection of red and white quilts. There is a wide array of vibrant reds in this winter wonderland quilt of houses, trees, birds, stars snowflakes and angels. The windows are a cream colored silk fabric salvaged from a silk kimono.

My quilt is inspired by a pattern named “Winter Village” by Laundry Basket quilts. I love house quilts. It is a large quilt that measures 72 X 90 inches. The houses are only the beginning of my quilt. I added trees designed by Kim McLean, traditional friendship stars with words and peace angels by Kimberly Rado.

“Winter Wonderland Wanderlust” is heavily embellished with yo-yo’s, cowrie shells, crystals, buttons and words. It was machine quilted by Maxine Moore.

The back of the quilt has red and white inspirational words. There is a label on the back that documents the quilt and a hanging sleeve for easily display.

This quilt is one of a kind. I signed it on the front.

  • Return Policy

    This quilt may be returned for a full refund within 7 days if returned in excellent condition.

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    Free shipping in the United States.

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