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August is my happy month because it is the month when the Atlanta Quilt Festival is held. If you follow me, you know that I co-founded the Atlanta Quilt Festival. Here’s a recap of some of my happy moments from friends to doughnuts.

Best friend Rosalind Newell, best daughter India and ME!

I met the youngest quilter in the Atlanta Quilt Festival exhibit. Her name is Autumn, and she is 8 years old.

I welcomed visitors to the Atlanta Quilt Festival. We had a large, enthusiastic crowd.

On stage at the opening reception

I picked up and delivered the doughnuts to all of the class attendees at the Atlanta Quilt Festival. I was very popular.

Dough in the Box doughnuts

I took a class from Sarah Bond. We learned to make her Diamond Stair Step quilt.

Sarah Bond’s Friday class

I learned new things during the Quilter’s Finishing Retreat. I think Vickie Lord has convinced me to practice my free motion quilting.

Vickie Lord demonstrates free motion quilting at the Quilters Finishing Retreat.

I introduced Sarah Bond at her trunk show and presented her with gifts afterwards.

I welcomed Karen Cooper, Executive Director, of the Modern Quilt Guild to the Atlanta Quilt Festival.

Modern Quilt Guild Executive Director Karen Cooper and ME!

I took lots of pictures with my quilting friends, but none as special as the picture I took with Phyllis Stephens. I have loved her quilts since my early days of quilting.

Quilt Artist Phyllis Stephen’s and ME

I did it all with my Road Dog Daughter India. Our mantra, “WE DID IT!”

Daughter India and ME!

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