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Behind the Scenes at My Quilt Photo Shoot

Sometimes it's fun to play pretend. Recently I got to pretend to be a celebrity for a few hours.

Describing techniques used to create my quilt "Strength and Grace."

The AJC, my local newspaper, sent a photographer out to take pictures of me and my quilts. I have no idea when the article will pop up in the paper, but it was fun to pretend to be famous for a few hours. Then I turned back into a pumpkin.

Hand quilting my quilt "The Romance of Africa" with my quilt "Choose To Bloom" in the background.

If you are wondering how I got the behind the scenes pictures of the photographer being the photographer, you can thank my media guru Brittany Hervey. She screens my media requests, makes sure my makeup is impeccable and helps me with my social media. I have people.😂

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