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Brenda and Larry Thompson Collection at University of Georgia

Dr. Shawnya Harris and ME standing in front of a piece by Kevin Cole

Recently my Black History travels took me to Athens, Georgia home of the University of Georgia and the Brenda and Larry Thompson Collection of African American Art housed at the Georgia Museum of Art. The collection is composed of over 100 pieces of art, so it was left to Curator Shawyna Harris to decide which pieces would be exhibited during Black History Month.

Juke Joint by Verdi’s Hayes, Oil on canvas, 1946

I arrived on the day and time Dr. Harris was doing a talk about the exhibit so I came away much more informed than I would have otherwise. Juke Joint was one of my favorites because it brought back memories of Crossett, AR where I grew up. I was drawn in by the lady in the yellow dress. I am not sure why.

Portrait of Imogene Delaney by Beaufort Delaney, oil on canvas, 1963.

I learned a lot about several African American artists and came away inspired although none of the artists were quilters.😃

Seeking Blessing 1 by Kevin Cole, Mixed media on wood, 2011


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