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Celebrating Travel During Black History Month

Even after slavery ended it remained very difficult for African Americans to travel, especially in the South. In fact, often it was down right dangerous. The color barrier and the hatred was real.

Gratefully, that part of our history is over, and African Americans now travel freely and joyfully. I love traveling, and I travel every chance I get.

This week I am in Daytona Beach, FL attending the American Quilters Society quilt show. I will be looking at quilts, shopping at the vendor booths and learning from great teachers. This is my favorite kind of vacation when I am traveling solo because I know I will always make new friends. Follow my social media for updates.

Everytime I board a plane, check into a hotel, or reserve a table at an upscale restaurant, I take a moment to reflect on what my parents, grandparents and all my ancestors had to endure for me to experience the joy of travel I love so much. I whisper a prayer of gratitude. And of course, I know my travel angel is watching over me.


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