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Cognac, 80x80 inch Christmas quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2010.

Cognac may not look like a Christmas quilt but it is. Growing up, cognac was a drink to be savored on special occassions. It was not an everyday drink. And even on Christmas, the most special of all occasions, it was to be sipped and enjoyed slowly.

This quilt captures that Christmas memory for me. The placement of the brown and cream blocks in this quilt hopefully create an optical illusion of movement conjuring up that special drink -- cognac.

Stars and Christmas ornaments are featured in the quilting to carry out the theme of the quilt.

Back of “Cognac”

The back of this quilt features snow men saying "Let it Snow" and a sign that marks the North Pole. With a sip of Cognac, who cares about the snow!

And if you are not watching the new year in by attending watch night service at church, Cognac is a perfect way to watch the new year in — slowly and with gratitude.


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