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Community Creation Reimagined Delivered and Loved!

Community Creation Reimagined, 66 x 70 inch memory quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2022. Machine quilted by Maxine Moore. Commissioned by the Kendeda Fund.

The Kendeda Fund booked my Leadership Memory Quilt Workshop which includes the creation of a commissioned quilt. During the workshop, I try to get to know the team with the aim of capturing the essence of the organization in a quilt. During the workshop, the team signs blocks that will be incorporated into the quilt.

Community Creation Reimagined signature block detail

Community Creation Reimagined is the quilt that grew out of the Kendeda Fund workshop. She was unveiled at at a recent board meeting. I am told everybody loved her and that I totally captured the essence of the Kendeda Fund!

Community Creation Reimagined house block detail.

Community Creation Reimagined is now in her forever home, and that makes me happy. 😁

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