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Guest Designer for the National Quilt Museum!

I was honored when the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY asked me to design a block for its Block of the Month program. I thought about politely declining because I am not a quilt designer. Then I thought, "Why not? Everything starts with the first time."

The theme for the year was exploration. My mind immediately went to my travels, and since I usually travel with my daughter India, to motherhood. Voila! Explore Motherhood was born.

Explore Motherhood, 12 X 24 inch block, commisssioned by the National Quilt Museum, 2024.

It's been a secret since March, but now it is published for all the world to see. There is a National Quilt Museum Block of the Month Facebook group where members share their work. You may want to check it out.

It's kind of scary putting yourself out there for the entire world to critique, but in my experience, quilters are nice people. I know they will be gentle with me.🙏🏾


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