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Prints of Red and White Quilts Coming Soon

As most of you who follow me know, I premiered my first solo exhibit last year at the Emma Darnell Aviation Museum and Conference Center. The exhibit entitled Long Time Coming: A Retrospective of O.V. Brantley's Red and White Quilts showcases 30 of my red and white quilts and 27 friends and family quilts. The most frequent question I received about the exhibit was whether any of the quilts are for sale. Sadly, none were for sale because it was my hope that the exhibit would travel to other venues.

Even though none of the actual quilts in the exhibit are for sale, museum quality prints of some of the quilts are coming soon. I will slowly add the prints to my store starting October 1st. Racism -- the White Elephant in the Room #1 will be one of the first prints I will make available in my store.

Even though the quilts in the exhibit are not for sale, I have many other red and white quilts for sale in my store. The best part of the story is that the exhibit is actually traveling! See it in Houston at the International Quilt Festival November 2 -5, 2023. Meanwhile, check out my Red and White Quilt Retrospective playlist on Spotify.


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