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Quilters Gather Together

Quilters Gather Together, 47x66 inch traditional quilt in Aboriginal fabrics, by O.V. Brantley, 2019. For sale.

The Welcome All Quilters were together again for the first time since the pandemic. We enjoyed show and tell and planned our activities for the year.

My Christmas Wish sandwiched

I worked on sandwiching my quilt “My Christmas Wish with Hobbs fusible batting. I plan to hand quilt My Christmas Wish as I use it for a demonstration piece during my red and white quilt exhibit in January. The pattern is the simple Turning Twenty pattern which is one of the quickest quilts you can make. However, the hand quilting will make it special as it does double duty as a red and white quilt and a Christmas quilt.

ME! Working hard fusing “My Christmas Wish” into a sandwich.😂

The quilt shown at the top is Quilters Gather Together. I started it in the 2019 Welcome All retreat. I love the aboriginal fabrics that make this simple quilt unique.

P.S. The cute sneakers are Faith Ringgold Vans.😁

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