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Seeking Strength

Seeking Strength, 64x66 inch red and white paper pieced quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2019. Photo by Ron Witherspoon Photography.

3 days and counting until the Brantley/Kleeman formal wedding day. Today’s red and white quilt is Seeking Strength.

India at her engagement party with her cousin Brittany and ME.

We were devastated when we were forced to postpone the wedding last year. We had had the engagement party in 2019, and we had made the trip to New York to shop at the famous @kleinfeldbridal to buy the perfect dress. We cried.

This picture says it all. It’s a beautiful dress.😍

But as they say, what don’t kill you makes you stronger. So here we are 3 days from being stronger than ever. 💪🏾

Detail of Seeking Strength. I love those toes!

Seeking Strength is based on a pattern by Violet Craft. It is machine quilted by Maxine Moore.

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