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Shopping for Fabric in Sarasota

I bet you are wondering if I found a quilt shop in Sarasota. Does the sun rise in the East? 😂

Yes, that is a closed sign on the door of Alma Sue's Quilts. I arrived just as they were closing at 3 p.m., but they were kind enough to let me in.

Since I didn’t need anything for a specific project, I bought reds. I could never have too many reds.

I loved watching one of the ladies hand quilting a large quilt on an old fashioned quilt frame. The shop is located in the Amish community of Sarasota. Just across the shop, another lady was quilting a quilt on a long arm. It is truly a full service quilt shop.

I was told that Alma Sue's Quilts has been around for over 20 years. Many shops have not been so fortunate. Support your local quilt shop and any quilt shop you discover on your travels.

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