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Wearing My Invisible Crown

Wearing My Invisible Crown, 28x42 inch red and white quilt appliqué quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2016. Pattern by Cherry Blossom Quilts. Quilted by Janece Risty. Photo by Ron Witherspoon

It’s Brantley/Kleeman Formal Wedding Day Eve! Like Christmas, after so much anticipation, it is hard to believe the big day is finally here.

Nurse India

Today’s red and white quilt is Wearing My Invisible Crown. Tomorrow India will be a beautiful princess (remember, I have seen the dress). More importantly, I believe she deserves a day of being a fairy tail princess.

India, RN

In real life, India is a RN and shows up at the hospital doing her best to help people who desperately need help. Life is all about balance. So tomorrow India gets to go from caring caregiver to beautiful queen for a day. I am grateful.🙏🏾

Wearing My Invisible Crown quilting detail

Pattern for Wearing my Invisible Crown is by Cherry Blossoms Studio. Quilted by Janece Risty. Quilt photo by Ron Wtherspoon.

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