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Wednesdays With the Welcome All Quilters

ME! Hand quilting a vintage quilt

Some people complain about Wednesdays and call it Hump Day, as if it is an obstacle to be overcome. For me Wednesdays are joyful days because I spend Wednesdays with the Welcome All Quilters.

We meet in a recreation center in Welcome All Park. That’s how the group got its name. The mood is always relaxed and generous. Each quilter brings whatever she wants to work on and the rest of the quilters chime in with praise and opinions.

I usually take some hand work so that I do not have to take my sewing machine. Recently, I spent the time hand quilting a commissioned vintage quilt. It was a good way to spend a Wednesday.😌🧵🪡

if you hand quilt, check out my Amazon Storefront to see some of the tools I use when I hand quilt. #amazoninfluencer

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