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Atlanta Album (This Ain’t Baltimore)

Atlanta Album (This Ain’t Baltimore), 74x94 inch applique quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2004.

I have lived with Atlanta Album (This Ain’t Baltimore) many years. I made it in 2004, and I love it more and more each day. However, now that I have decided to live with plants, I find myself thinking of it more and more.

Recently one of my quilting friends gave me some clippings from her plants. Her gift energized me to add to my house plant collection which entailed finding the perfect vase and the perfect location in my home. Since my thumb is not very green, I am comforted by the fact that if my real plants don’t make it, I always have Atlanta Album (This Ain’t Baltimore) to brighten my day.

Detail of “Atlanta Album (This Ain’t Baltimore)”

This quilt is included in the book Georgia Quilts (This Ain’t Baltimore).

Find me on page 172 in Georgia Quilts - Piecing Together a History.😄


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