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“Be Confidently Daring” Exhibiting at Enzo Restaurant

My Mother’s Day celebration took “My Team” and me to Enzo Restaurant because I wanted to see my quilt Be Confidently Daring hanging in the restaurant. She is hanging near the bathroom so most people will not be able to miss her. The location makes it look like she is in her own gallery, regally surveying her subjects. She’s a beauty, and in my unbiased opinion, she is the crown jewel of the exhibit!😂

Be Confidently Daring will exhibit as part of a group exhibit at Enzo Restaurant that opened May 7th and will continue for four months. She is the only quilt in the exhibit, but there are many pieces by amazing artists. All of the art is for sale. Be Confidently Daring is offered for sale for $1500 and can only be purchased through the restaurant.

ENZO is located in Fayetteville, GA in the Trilith Community. It is a great place for a special occasion dinner. The food is a little pricey, but definitely worth a visit. (Tell them you came to see the quilt😍). Reservations are encouraged. The place was packed when we were there.

Brittany chose spaghetti lobster for her entree.

Hope you get to spend Mother’s Day with the people you love.❤️



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