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Celebrating 70 years Brown v. Board of Education

Colored Girl Dreams, 80 X 80 inch traditional quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2011. NFS.

Today I am celebrating the 70th anniversary of the landmark United States Supreme Court decision “Brown V. Board of Education”. The decision paved the way for integrated schools by ruling that separate but equal schools were unconstitutional. The decision changed the arc of my life. Born in 1954 the same year of the decision, it was not until I was in the 7th grade that I was allowed to attend integrated schools. The rest as they say truly is history.

Crossett Courthouse Steps, 68 X 78 inch traditional courthouse steps quilt by O.V. Brantley 2001. NFS.

After graduating valedictorian of my integrated Crossett, AR high school class, I graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and Vanderbilt Law School and enjoyed a rewarding high profile legal career. So today I am sharing 3 quilts that document my journey of determination and fortitude. The first quilt is Colored Girl Dreams because when you are counted out from birth, all you can do is dream. The second quilt is Crossett Courthouse Steps which documents a dream come true of a girl who grew up in a segregated mill town dreaming of becoming a lawyer. The third quilt is Colored Girl Lawyer Rocks! that was created to celebrate the joy of excellent achievement.

Colored Girl Lawyer Rocks! 56 X 68 inch red and white applique quilt by O.V. Brantley. 2022. NFS.

Remember, it matters who is on the Supreme Court. The President nominates Supreme Court Justices. VOTE!

Happy “Brown v. Board of Education Day!” 🥳🍾👩🏽‍⚖️⚖️

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