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Celebrating MY Black History

Updated: Feb 2

From Africa to Atlanta By Way of Arkansas, 72 X 72 inch memory quilt, by O.V. Brantley, 2000. NFS

Black History Month should be a reminder to all black people that it is important to tell your own story. After alll, who knows it better than you?

I use my quilts as a vehicle to tell my personal black history story. Segregation, integration, family, sorority, struggle, travel, church, joy and excellence are all part of my story.

Many of my quilts are somewhat autobiographical, but none more so than From Africa to Atlanta By Way of Arkansas. It is a living, growing, memory quilt. My mother's watch, India's t-ball picture and various travel, professional and quilt pins are included in this quilt.

Are you finding a way to tell your story? Nobody knows it better than you.

HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH! We have a lot to celebrate!💃🏽


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