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I Love Football❤️

What‘s your vice? I love football —especially college football. There is so much joy and promise in a college football stadium.

The color palette is usually a colorful, leaf turning day. I love the way the band supports the team and entertains the crowd. The cheerleaders cheer to the bitter end, win or lose. The alumni return and reminisce about their youthful days at college. The students are rabid about their team. And of course the team, wearing their colors, showcase months of hard work and preparation while trying to get the win for their school.

Which are my favorite teams, you ask? I am one of those alumni reminiscing about my youthful days at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville (Razorbacks) and Vanderbilt University (Commodores). I also cheer loudly for the University of Pittsburgh (Panthers), where daughter India is an alumnus.

I love Football Saturday.🏈

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