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Numbered Pins are Indispensable for Piecing Quilt Blocks

Have you ever discovered a gadget and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” That’s the way I felt when I discovered numbered pins.

Because I often use my floor as my design wall and I live with a dog, I find them indispensable. When laying out a traditional quilt with rows that you have agonized over because you want the color and patterns to be evenly distributed throughout the quilt, once you get it just right, you do not want it to move. Numbered pins to the rescue!

My quilt Reimagine Success is the most recent quilt where numbered pins were indispensable. This quilt is made entirely of half square triangles. It would have been very easy to mix up the rows and make a mess. Instead, she turned out beautifully. She is with my long arm quilter now. I can’t wait to share her after she is finished.

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