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Chaos in my studio!

Although anyone reading my blog probably loves to make quilts, we all know that there are certain parts of the process we HATE. I hate to “unsew!” Whenever I mess something up, I am tempted to just throw it in the trash rather than pick out the stitches and try to fix it.

Hard at work in Sarah Bond’s class at the Atlanta Quilt Festival

My latest mess-up is the quilt I started at the Atlanta Quilt Festival in a class taught by Sarah Bond. She taught the class how to make her Diamond Stair Step quilt. It’s not a particularly difficult quilt so I felt quite comfortable following along in class. It wasn’t a quilt most people could could finish in one day, but I got far enough along that I felt comfortable finishing it at home.

All 8 rows complete! I feel accomplished.

I did in fact continue working on the quilt at home and finished the top. However, when I sewed all the rows together, the quilt could not be squared up without cutting off the points. Also, there seemed to be a place in the middle of the quilt that would not lay flat. I was almost in tears. I thought about throwing the whole thing in the trash, but I knew I could not. After all, it was my trophy quilt for taking a class from a national teacher.

Half a quilt is better than nothing I guess.

After getting control of my emotions and closely examining the quilt, I decided the best solution was to turn it into two quilts. (I think sewing the quilt on two different sewing machines may have contributed to the problem, or maybe I stretched it while ironing it). I “unsewed” the middle row. I added borders to the top half of the quilt and delivered it to my long arm quilter Maxine Moore. Maxine is a genius at fixing sick quilts, so I am expecting a miracle. I named this quilt Take the First Step.

Maxine will work a miracle and make it square up and lay flat.🙏🏾

Meanwhile, I still have the bottom half of the quilt that is waiting for my creativity to kick in. Stay tuned.

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