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My Southside Neighborhood

My Southside Neighborhood, 63x81 inch traditional quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2014.

Yesterday, India and I spent some quiet time on my new screened porch. The purpose of the visit was to bring me half of the spaghetti and pound cake she made. It was just the two of us (and Olivia Victoria or course). We sat in the rocking chairs, watched it rain and talked.

Olivia Victoria loves the porch. She has found her place on the swing.

India’s formal wedding is a week away. She planned an outdoor fall wedding because she imagined the beautiful fall leaves of North Georgia as her backdrop. She chose purple and silver for her wedding colors because in her mind the colors would be stunning against a fall backdrop. As we sat there rocking, we noticed we did not see a single yellow leaf in my backyard. Not a red one. Not brown ones on the ground. Everything was as green as can be. (Sigh). That’s what made me think o my quilt My Southside Neighborhood.

My back yard a week before the wedding

We still have a week for Mother Nature to do her thing, but if the trees do not cooperate, the Weather Channel has promised a beautiful fall day — 72 degrees and mostly sunny. For that we are grateful.🙏🏾

The wedding venue in the summer

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