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Preview Night at the High Museum of Art

Quilt by Marquetta Bell Johnson

Preview night for the Patterns in Abstraction exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta was exciting and surreal for me. Even now, I can’t believe that one of my quilts is hanging in the High Museum of Art. Even though I knew that A Star Among Stars had been acquired by the High, I did not know whether she would be part of the Patterns in Abstraction exhibit.

A quiet moment with “A Star Among Stars”.

When I first saw her, hanging all alone on a wall all to herself, I was overwhelmed by her majesty. Then my motherly quilt instincts kicked in and I inspected her to make sure she was hanging straight and flat. (She was). Then I enjoyed the people who enjoyed her. I love talking quilts.

My TEAM was with me, sharing every minute of my joy. It was truly a night to remember and cherish.

My TEAM: India, Brittany and Curtis

I will have much more to say about the other quilts in the exhibit in future posts, but for now, I am savoring the sweetness of joy.

My daughter has a sense of humor.
Never thought I would be visiting this place to see something I created.😄


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