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Quietly Quilting Fiber Spray

Quilts are beautiful, but it is no secret that batting traps odors. Make sure your quilts smell as good as they look.

Quietly Quilting is a unique fiber spray custom created especially for me. It smells fresh, but subtle. I absolutely love it.

When I spend long hours hand quilting, I add some aromatherapy to my quilting bey spritzing some Quietly Quilting on my sandwiched quilt. It’s as pleasant as burning a candle.

After I finish my quilt, I spritz some Quietly Quilting on my quilt. Definitely before I ship my quilt to a quilt exhibit, I spritz Quietly Quilting on my show quilts so that they arrives smelling as good as they look. Before Quietly Quilting, I used Febreeze, but no more!!

Quietly Quilting can also be used like all other linen sprays — on bed linens, towels, and throw pillows.

Quietly Quilting is only available from me. It is a unique and one-of-a-kind scent. Relax and enjoy!

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