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Sitting in My Joy

Sitting in my joy savoring success.

Now that the 47 quilts that comprise my solo red and white quilt exhibit Long Time Coming have returned home safely, I am taking a moment to sit in my joy. Thinking back on all that happened at the International Quilt Festival, I marvel at the fact that I was even there. I marvel at the fact that I had summoned the courage to even submit the proposal for the exhibit. I marvel at the fact that someone thought my quilts were worthy to be among the best in the world. I marvel at how beautiful they looked hanging in the convention center ready and willing to tell my story. I marvel at how my quilts touched people and how people touched me. And as I marvel at what was truly a huge personal accomplishment, I am grateful for every step I took to overcome self doubt.

Speaking quilts during one of my Gallery Talks

I started my journey in 2001 when I did not even know I was on a journey. I made Forever Bound By Delta, my first red and white quilt, simply out of a desire to commmorate sisterhood. Who knew that over 20 years later, I would get to share her with the world! There is wisdom in always being willing to take that first step.

Forever Bound By Delta, 66 X 78 inch red and white Irish chain quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2001. NFS.

I believe that when you accomplish goals, big and small, with the help of many people who believe in you, that it is okay to sit in your joy and quietly say to yourself, "I did that!"🥂


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