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Thanksgivings Past

Evora’s Earth, 75 X 75 inch row by row memory quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2001. Honoring my mother Evora Hicks. NFS

One of the wonderful things about Thanksgiving is that we pause to remember our ancestors in a joyful way. Memories of delicious smells coming from the kitchen, friendly arguments over who has the best recipe, Last minute trips to Walmart for forgotten ingredients, food disasters when recipes did not come out as planned, and a house full of happy people all come flooding back.

Evora's Earth, is one of the first quilts I made after I learned the basics of quilting. A group of seven friends and I took a yearlong class to learn to make this pattern named Mother Earth. We learned the different techniques used to construct each row of the quilt. I lost my Mom during this time, so I added the angel to serve as a tangible memory of her. This quilt has hung in my dining room since 2001.

So, today I am taking a pause to savor my Thanksgiving memories. I can smell the potato pie and the mac and cheese.😍

Mac and cheese compliments of India Brantley Kleeman, grandaugher of Evora Hicks.

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