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Wishing You a Happy January From My Porch!

Updated: Jan 3

We are blessed with great weather in Atlanta so we have great porch days year round, even in January. And since I have an unobstructed view of my porch from my family room, I can enjoy it even if I am not actually sitting on the porch. Even on a gloomy wintry day, I enjoy the yellow pansies that make my porch happy and bright.

I confess that I love Block of the Months (BOM). Some days I just don't want to think creatively. I just want to sit down and quilt. I use BOM's for those days. Thank you Stitchin Heaven for your wonderful porch quilt series.

The quilts in this series were an immediate "must do" for me because I have a screened back porch where I spend many peaceful hours. The fact that the applique is precut and fused makes it all the better for relaxed quilting. This series of 12 little happy quilts will become part of my heirloom collection of quilts and will be displayed on my porch for years to come.

Each quilt in the series measures 21 X 36 inches. I substituted African fabric for the back. There is a hanging sleeve on the back for easy display and a label that documents the quilt.

I signed it on the front and added a peace charm.

So hello January and 2024!!


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