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Celebrating Courage During Black History

Finally Found Freedom, 67 X 74 inch Underground Railroad quilt by O.V. Brantley, 2021. Machine quilted by Maxine Moore. NFS.

Imagine the courage it took for slaves to take the leap of faith and travel north. When was the last time you traveled somewhere with no map or GPS and no knowledge of what you would find once you arrived? Have you taken a trip knowing it was more likely than not that you would die before you arrived at your destination? Imagine the courage. Imagine the faith. Imagine how strong the desire to be free must have been.

My quilt Finally Found Freedom tries to capture the emotions and thoughts of escaping slaves as they traveled the Underground Railroad -- the unshakeable courage, the fierce faith and the anticipated joy of freedom.

Would you have followed Harriet?

Finally Found Freedom is currently part of the Low Country African American Cultural Arts Festival. The quilt exhibit is showing at the Colleton Civic Center in Walterboro, SC.


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