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Commissioned and DELIVERED! Connie’s Quilt Gems

Connie’s Quilt Gems, 26 x 98 inch quilted bed runner by O.V. Brantley, 2022. SOLD!

I only do commissioned quilts for special people or special causes. When your neighbor wants a quilted bed runner, you create Connie’s Quilt Gems.

Closeup of Connie’s Quilt Gems

Connie furnished the backing fabric. She wanted something colorful that included teal. With those clues in hand, I chose a Disappearing Nine Patch pattern because it looks complex without being too busy. From there it was just a matter of choosing a teal for the center block and letting a large variety of batiks do the rest.

Connie’s Quilt Gems measures 24 x 98 inches. I bound it with the same fabric is the backing fabric. It was beautifully machine quilted by Maxine Moore.

Back of Connie’s Quilt Gems

I attached a label to document the quilt and signed it on the front.

Connie and I think it turned out well and now Connie’s Quilt Gems lives happily on Connie’s bed.

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